How to start a toilet tissue manufacturing company

Recently there has been an uprising in toilet tissue Manufacturing in Nigeria, most local Entrepreneurs in Nigeria are investing in some fast selling industrial activities under the sector of Bottled water production, Sachet water production, Stationery-Exercise Books, Toilet soap manufacturing, Printing, Polyethylene manufacturing and branding,  Detergents and disinfectants. These are fast selling and low profitable products that anyone can start with a low investment.

Indulging in any of this investments, these steps are very necessary and crucial, you can’t start up an industry without an appropriate research, investment (Time and Money), and Guide. In this article am going to paint the picture in a big canvas without mixing paints.
First as a start up entrepreneur you have to have a goal, a focus that is backed up by a dog headed determination. Yes, you have to be determined because the early stage challenges are the one that can break or make you. So I advice all startups to take their time to accumulate knowledge yet train themselves on it before thinking of starting up.
Ok now I see you have sufficient funds to risk on expenses of trial and failure but I suggest you better know, when you lose a lot of money on just start up, the project will be very mind-numbing and unproductive.

What you need to know about Toilet tissue production
Starting a toilet tissue production facility or any industry in Nigeria you'll need to make do of the following task, Preparations and arrangement;

Company Registration
Register your company with Corporate Affair Commission (CAC), Get your TIN (Tax Identification Number), acquire your Tax clearance certificates, these are really necessary. Get registered with a good account management team, Hire a good Auditor and a corporate lawyer.

Do a survey for a good location where you will install your production plant; Bearing in mind that you will need a good space, a good waste disposal plan, a motorable location, it’s not necessary to be close or in the vicinity of a commercial city to avoid enormous tax from the BIR.

Energy Supply
Make research on the energy supply on how stable it is over time, this is very important considering the challenges faced by most businesses in Nigeria in other not waste all you start up funds on diesel for your generator.

Building Structure 
Hire an architect to survey your site and draft a good structure design for your factory building, if you made a good research you should have in mind how your proposed design will look like also put inconsideration how to place the section of the facility to accommodate your production line, finished products, and your workers welfare.

Acquire You Machine
Acquire Machinery for your production, you have to work with your stipulated budget whether to go for a high grade machine that will give you more quantity and a standard product finishing, saves time, and money, less staff required or you go for Low grade machines that cost less, low standard finishing, manually controlled by human labor (more staffs), more cost of maintenance etc.
My advice for startup entrepreneur is to go for standard machinery may be start with a Semi-Automatic or Fully-Automatic machinery depending on your capital, if your capital won’t afford a good machine I will advise you to draft a proposal and apply for an industrial loan from BOI (Bank Of Industry), they will help you with the purchase of the machine while  you pay them in time as agreed (Terms and Condition Apply).

Raw Material
Most of the locally produce goods in Nigeria acquire their raw material in Lagos, Nigeria, Do your research get the best price offer and good quality I suggest you focus on quality as a beginner and maintain it. Most manufacturers fallout from this ideology by buying a cheaper raw material to meet up with the market price, well that works but for a short while till your product is tagged as a low standard, well the good thing about producing in Nigeria is theirs always a portion of the people that buy by price not standard and quality.

Training, maintaining and acquiring staffs is a very big challenge you have to tackle in the best way you can to avoid losing already trained staff, staff training cost a lot so you have to design a good staff management structure even before sourcing for your raw materials. Get a professional to train your staffs on how to operate your machines but I think you should first train yourself to be the professional, to acquire full knowledge of everything consigning your investment.

Product branding
This should be the front Knox of every manufacturer, no matter how good your product is if it isn’t talking good to the buyer in a pleasing way you will end up having challenges on penetrating the market. So your branding should be your spear make it sharp and catchy.

This article intend to give an idea on the fundamental information you need to start up your industry in Nigeria, follow us for more articles on Industry, Business, and Technology.


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  2. Get registered with a good account management team, Hire a good Auditor and a corporate lawyer.tool shadow boards



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